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Welcome to DIGILEXIS! Here you will be able to check out the expertise we offer at the company as well as to keep up with all the other activities going on with and around the DIGILEXIS community.

At DIGILEXIS, we conduct different sets of activities including a consultancy business, knowledge seeking and sharing as well as communications and publications directed to our stakeholders, to our communities and to the public at large.


Regarding our business activities through DIGILEXIS Consulting, they are structured around three pilars
of expertise which include Policy, Management and Communication & Design.


Focusing on tech & innovation and using evidence-based policy approach to help broaden availability and access
to infrastructural resources while creating optimal conditions and rules to shape behaviors toward desired collective outcomes.


Quality Management, Agile Management methods (particularly Management 3.0), Managing culture change in organizations, and Knowledge Management are various parts of our focus as Management Consultants.

Communication & Design

Our craft is highly customer-centered, with a focus on improving performance while maximizing effectiveness and utility. We address organizations, processes, services, contents, as well as various corporate identity and communication artifacts.

Digital Transformation

One of the main themes of our work is digital transformation, and it cuts across Policy as well as Management settings. While the term may be most common in business, here it also applies to the set of changes that digital technologies bring to societies at large, through appropriate policies, regulations and national strategies.

Within Organizations…

Digital transformation is the process by which digital technologies become integrated to business processes, renewing the existing ones or creating new others, so as to deliver more value to customers. It brings about a new culture in business operations, aiming particularly at improving customer experience and (in the best case scenario) achieving all stakeholders’ satisfaction.

The technology intelligence capability of DIGILEXIS Consulting is key in helping your team and your organization see through the haze and focus on the technological innovations that have the potential to bring more value to your business in a sustainable way.

In the Society…

Beyond organizations and businesses, the whole society also undergoes digital transformation. Phrases such as “digital economy” and “information society”, to name some of the most frequent in the public discourse, speak to such transformation or expectation thereof. None of those notions is conceivable without changes mostly brought about by digital technologies.

At DIGILEXIS Consulting, we assist decision-makers and institutions, including governments, intergovernmental as well as nongovernmental organizations, to formulate strategies and design policies and programs that optimize the societal impact of digital technologies.


At DIGILEXIS, we conduct research whether in response to client specific demand or to our own assessment and need. Likewise, we provide training whether for academic purposes or for a highly professional audience.


Training is part of DIGILEXIS core business, as we deliver business seminars, professional workshops, masterclass and various other forms of training sessions to policy-makers on digital policy & ICT regulations, as well as to organizations’ managers and staff on different aspects of management, etc. We also deliver keynotes at various relevant occasions. Furthermore as part of our concern about educating the broader public, particularly the younger generations, we may initiate or take part in public conferences or workshops. We also intervene as guest speaker in various educational settings.


DIGILEXIS is primarily a knowledge-based enterprise harnessing findings, insights and evidence gained from applying rigourous research methods, from problem statement to data collection and analysis, in order to inform and guide policies and management decisions. As such, research is an integral part of all what we do. We consume research and use it to inform our work and build the services that we offer to our clients. We also produce research at various occasions: you may provide us with your own data set or we can go out and collect the relevant body of data for analysis and insights to use for your service.


At DIGILEXIS, we don’t just focus narrowly on money-making business. We engage more broadly with our stakeholders and communities through different forms and channels of communication. This is also part of our thought leadership effort in our respective fields, on top of contributing to the thriving of our communities, whether epistemic or location-bound, through information and knowledge sharing.

  The digital revolution is not over yet. It won’t be until the day when being literate would imply to be able to make sense of the world and to express any state of mind as well as any state of rights and obligations, using digital lexemes and syntaxes across digital spaces — the Internet being for now the most known among them — as today’s literates around the world are able to do with a piece of paper and a pen or some equivalent of such, using rules and structures of human languages. Then digital literacy will become a mundane part of basic education. In order to achieve such a complex transformation, appropriate policies will be required on top of the technology.

Dr. Mawaki Chango
Founder of DIGILEXIS

Our Public Engagements

At DIGILEXIS, we engage with our communities and with the world at large on issues of common interest in order to bring our contribution toward addressing them. Potential issues of interest may include:


ICT/Digital public policy & regulations


Internet governance


Building institutions and organizing


Management and Design across domains

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