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Business Focus Areas

DIGILEXIS Consulting provides services in a number of subject areas including, broadly speaking, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Management & Leadership, Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Design, and others. Following is the description of our main business focus areas.

ICT Law, Policy & Regulations

We assist governments, governmental agencies and intergovernmental organizations in their effforts to adress ICT related challenges for the society with the drafting of relevant and up-to-date legislations as well as with the formulation of sound and effective policies and regulations. We also train policy-makers in matters of ICT regulations, Internet governance and digital diplomacy (international negotiations around ICTs & regulations and digital economy.)

Digital Identity & Digital Assets

We provide policy expertise and advice in the design and implementation of identity infrastructure, systems and credentials, particularly decentralized identity in the context of digital technology. Our expertise spans from the historical emergence of authoritative identity credentials since medieval Europe to today’s decentralized, blockchain-based identity infrastructure also known as Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI). Namely, we have been involved in the creation of Sovrin Foundation and the launching of the Sovrin Identity Network, participating in developing its governance and trust frameworks, along with appropriate policies, as well as in the Network maintenance activities.


Innovation & Entrepreneurship

We help governments draft well-researched, evidence-based innovation policies in Science & Technology as well as in Entrepreneurship. While our primary focus for entrepreneurship is in the digital tech sector, we also address the need for developing countries to put in place policies that promote and support individual intiatives for productive activities addressing local needs, creating jobs and strengthening the economy.

FinTech & Financial Inclusion

Several institutions are looking to tap into this creative sector to streamline financial inclusion processes for communities that have been so far left out of the formal banking services and related economic activities. If you are one of them, we can assist you in evaluating available technologies and needs, implementing FinTech projects, assessing regulatory chanllenges relating to the deployments of emerging FinTech services, or formualating enabling policies.


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Management & Leadership

We deal in various aspects of organizational management including shaping the cultural foundations of organizational hebaviors, diagnozing organizational culture and effecting culture change as well as driving performance and results. In terms of management overall, we resort to Agile Management frameworks such as Management 3.0 and Scrum. And lastly, we offer Quality Management services in reference to ISO 9001 standard.

Knowledge Management

We assist our clients in identifying their strategic knowledge areas and develop a Knowledge Management (KM) framework. We design and implement KM strategies and solutions within organizations as well as across a network of organizations and agents. We help institutionalize the availability of and access to the wealth of experiences accumulated by our clients’ personnel and agents as well as on leveraging that wealth to improve their own processes and increase the value they create for their stakeholders.

Information Systems, IT Governance & Audit

We diagnose challenges to information flows and curation as well as we conduct information systems audit within an organization. We outline a proper architecture for information circulation, availability and use in ways that help our clients realize the full potential of their information asset. We help our clients build successful information systems, enterprise systems and management support systems, with a view to significantly improve their internal processes, amplify their customer satisfaction and help them get ahead of the competition. We also conduct IT & Governance audits based on the best standards in the field.

Design: Structures, Processes & Artifacts

We bring to the table an acute design eye and a deep design thinking which can benefit everything that needs designing, whether physical or non-physical. We accompany clients in designing organizational structures or re-structuring organizations as needed; services and processes that respond most accurately to the needs of patrons; communication materials and various artifacts our clients may need to support their actions and advance their goals, taking into account the audience and the cultural context. Even te development of public spaces in our urban environment may benefit from our usability-sensitive design approach.


Other domains of intervention include:

  • Digital Marketing
  • ICT sectoral applications (Education, Health, Agriculture, etc.)
  • Project Management and Evaluation

Client Profiles 

We operate at organizational, national and international levels. We have been working for clients and with partners from all around the world. While we remain open to work with all potential clients from any sector and on any project we can contribute to based on our domains of competency, our clients so far may be grouped into three broad categories or profiles.


Public Institutions: These are government related, at both national and international levels. Namely, they include Governments and governmental agencies; Intergovernmental and international treaty-based organizations; as well as International cooperation and development agencies.


Businesses: These incldue private businesses (whether local or global corporations) as well as state-owned companies as the case may be.


Non-Profits: These include Academic institutions, Foundations and various global or transnational NGOs.

Again, we welcome any other potential clients which might not fit in these three main client profiles we have known so far but may find interest in our expertise and services.

Pitching for Your Business

Whether you are a Public Institution, at national or international level; a Business, privately owned or state-owned; or you are a Non-profit operating at any level, we are happy to do business with you and it will certainly be our pride to satisfy your needs.

Public Institutions

Have you ever asked yourselves these questions: What more can we do with ICTs other than sending email, editing and storing files, and making and browsing websites? What about the Internet, that global and open communications space: How is it built and who controls it—if anybody? Can we rely on it for all our professional communications? How does it evolve and can we have a say in shaping that evolution? How can we use those ICTs to further our mission and goals for the wider public? How can we make sure we are ready to rip the most benefits for our digital economy?

DIGILEXIS Consulting can provide you with understanding and guidance for action, whether through training or research, or by helping you develop the proper plans, strategies, policies, regulations or programs, which will be most favorable to your digital readiness and growth.


As a Foundation or a global/transnational NGO, you are designing and managing programs that are geared toward advancing the public interest in one area or the other. DIGILEXIS Consulting can collaborate with you in designing the most relevant programs for your target public, taking into account global compasses such as the SDGs, etc. If your intervention area is ICT-oriented policy and social change, we have the subject matter expertise and the experience to help carry out your projects or any relevant study. In any case, we can put you in touch with the right stakeholders and champions.

As for universities and academic institutions, we can work with you at organizational level, in which case services taylored for businesses may apply. And we can also collaborate at educational level to design curricula and deliver courses.


You are a business of any sector, from Banking to utility supply (power grid, water and gas distribution, etc.), from Telecom & network operators to Buildings & public works and to Food industry, let us talk about:

Training in Management including agile management, culture change, team work and various aspects of leadership; IT System and IT Governance Audits to bring you up to date with the latest standards, technology and regulatory frameworks of interest to you; Building an effective quality management system (QMS) or Auditing your organization for QMS standards & requirements (ISO 9001: 2015). In addition, foreign companies which are looking to opportunities to enter new markets or build business partnerships in Africa, DIGILEXIS Consulting looks forward to studying your proposal and to offering you our very professional services.

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