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DIGILEXIS is at the core a consultancy business which draws on a multidisciplinary network of consultants, researchers and other professionals around the world in key subject areas such as Policy & Regulations —focusing particularly on Information and Communication Technologies, — Management, and Design.

The label ‘Internet & Society’ may aptly characterize the angle from which we at DIGILEXIS bring value to stakeholders when dealing with Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs). We typically tackle issues at the intersection of technology and people, with a solid knowledge of the former and yet a keen eye on how it gets shaped by the latter, from innovation (design) to diffusion (policy) to adoption (usage), as well as how at the same time its impact transforms the society. This allows us to design and execute optimal digital interventions in any social setting, whether our unit of focus is the team, the organization or the society as a whole.

On the Management side, we intervene on issues of Organizational Management from culture change to quality management to leadership, as well as in Knowledge Management. We specialize in a set of methods and tools relating to Agile Management, particularly the breed that is known as “Management 3.0”. This aims at transforming relations and practices within organizations in such a way as to make them nimbler to adapt to their rapidly changing environment while maximizing the stakeholders’ satisfaction both inside and outside the organization. As for Design, we work on all sorts of communication medias and strategies while we make things look both more functional and more beautiful.

In addition to our core business, we get involved in our communities, both at home and internationally, through education and research as well as through advocacy.

Who We Are


What We Do

Our Vision, Our Values

Our vision is to catalyze the emergence of a thriving information society and knowledge economy all around Africa, through the promotion of leadership, policies and cultures that are conducive to positively impactful innovations in entrepreneurship, management and digital transformation.

The work we do at DIGILEXIS is greatly infused with the following values which shape our organizational culture:

  • Reliability
  • Integrity
  • Creativity
  • Excellence


Our Mission

Assist our clients on two fronts:


Analysis and formulation of policy, strategy, regulatory and governance frameworks, as well as implementation of programs and projects relating to the digital revolution.


Steering their transformation as necessary to maintain their relevance, improve the quality of their operations and give them a competitive edge in this fast-paced era of digital innovation and management agility.

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